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Just in case you're wondering, this is not the official website for Green Being Farm. This is just my blog from the summer I spent at the farm.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Looking rather uncharacteristically mopey

Yep, I think you can see what just happened there.

I think they're telling each other secrets

Name: Squealer/Babe/Humper
Personality: Typically very calm and sweet. He'd sit and let you pet him for a long while, and he'd always be one of the first to come up to the fence when you stood by to watch them. I really enjoyed his company.

Squealer earned this name only recently when he started to make that classic pig squealing sound as he'd wander up to the food trough, or sometimes for no reason at all. When he was younger Tarrah would call him Babe because of his obvious resemblance. Humper? Well, when he was younger he was much pushier and would, well, try to have his way with the other pigs at times.


Ang said...

You can pick your nose & you can pick your pick, but you shouldn't pick your pig's nose!

Ang said...

your pig - you can pick your pig... well, anyways.

Luna said...

Aww - what a nice pig. I guess he's gone now. Waaa! :'O